Iglesia Cristiana Shalomir

77 Union St.
Carteret, NJ 07008

Tel: 908-249-8190

Directions from North:

Take the US-1&9 merge onto RT-81 South toward I-95/NJ Turnpike/Dowd Ave/NorthAve/Elizabeth Seaport (Portions toll). Take the I-95 South/Turnpike South ramp. Merge onto I-95 South/New Jersey Turnpike South toward Cars/trucks-Buses (Portion toll). Take EXIT 12 toward Carteret/Rahway. Stay straight to go onto Industrial Rd/Industrial Hwy. Turn right onto Roosevelt Ave./CR-602. Continue to follow Roosevelt Ave. turn left onton Pershing Ave. Take the 2nd left onto Union Street.

Direction from South:

Take Garden State Pkwy North toward Woodbridge/Staten Island/Exit 127/US-9 North/I-287/RT-440/Garden State Pkwy (Portions toll). Take the RT-440/US-9 North exit, EXIT 127, toward I-287/Woodbridge/Staten Island. Take the RT-440 exit toward I-287 North. Merge onto RT-440 North toward Staten Island. Take the State Street exit toward High Street/Perth Amboy. Keep right to take the State Street /CR-611 South/CR-611 North ramp. Keep right to take the State Street North rap.turn slight right onto State Street/CR-611. Continue to followCR-611. Turn slight right onto Port Reading Ave/CR-604. Continue to follow CR-604. Turn onto Pershing Ave. Take the 2nd left ontoUnion Street.